Forbidden Library

"Where there is power, there is confrontation." In a world full of magic, power is everything. Therefore the most capable and influential magic and artifacts are hidden deep inside of the forbidden dungeons. Slip into the clothes of a female scholar to uncover the secrets of the Forbidden Library. With the stolen magical artifact in your hands you find yourself in a dire situation. Fight against the will of the library and get out of there - if possible alive.



  • Genre: 3D Shoot em' Up
  • Engine:
  • Platform:
  • Controls: Mouse & Keyboard
  • Developer:
    Forbidden Library
    [Student team of Games-Academy - Berlin]
  • Development time: 6 Weeks

My Task in the Project

External Programmer

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Character Control
  • Enemy Behaviour
  • Room & Wave System
  • Spell & Spellbook System
  • UI System
  • Checkpoint System
  • General assisting the team